Welcome to the Book of Elia. You will find a collection of just about anything here.. Blogs that only deal with with one topic are so boring so here you will find videos that I find either educational or interesting, links to articles, articles from me, quotes and ideas, pictures, hell you might even find a recipe here and there.. Whatever floats my boat at the time… I hope you find value in what I post.. If you do, please subscribe! If not, well then, I wish you luck as you move on to other things cupcake. 
A note to other bloggers…… 

Listen, I’m not a “writer”. Sure, I plan on writing some of my own stuff as time goes on, but I’m busy and have work to do in the real world. So if I link to something you wrote or a video that you made try to not get butthurt over it and message me. Rant over.