North Korea Planning To Test Fire Missile Capable Of Reaching U.S.

North Korea Planning To Test Fire Missile Capable Of Reaching U.S. West Coast; Stocks Slide


President Trump is a Genius! 

The whole NFL is losing their collective shit today after Trump called out their disrespectful acts of sitting out our national anthem. Trump said that owners should say “get that son of a bitch off the field” , referring to players that want to disrespect our flag and national anthem before the game. 

Today NFL players in mass are taking a knee, stretching and out right not showing up during the national anthem. 

Watching all this unfold makes me realize the true genius of Trump. 

Patriotic Americans across the land will be turning off their tv’s and boycotting the NFL. These are the last people that the NWO elite would want undistracted long enough to realize how badly we are all getting fucked by the government and the corporations that run it. 

Without the distraction of sports millions of americans might just wake up to the fact that we are sitting on the edge of a currency collapse and world war 3. They are pumping drugs into our water,  flooding the streets with heroin, poisoning us with GMO’S and replacing us with AI. 

It’s time to wake up and Trump just set the alarm clock!